Does a leaseholder own the property?

The leasehold scandal is creating chaos among the people. People are a bit afraid of the situation. They are not familiar with this kind of trickeries or fraudulent. But some immoral people are still doing this on purpose. So that, they can earn some cash. It’s pathetic to say our honesty and morality are sold to some money right now. Leasehold is the only way for poor and middle-class people to be the owner of a house. But yet some money-greedy people are stealing their money for their benefits. It shows their ethics and morality. But the aftermath of leasehold scandal is not so disappointing. It doesn’t affect these kinds of lease that much. People are still taking the lease, which is a good sign. But they are becoming more careful and aware also. They don’t want to be fooled anymore. While signing any deal as a leasehold with the owner or freehold, they try to keep it straight and simple. By doing this, they are ensuring no loopholes or no chance of being stolen or frauded.

Leasehold scandal surely make afraid of the situation but it couldn’t take away the people’s interest. It is still out there. They are still making their move to stop and eradicate this issue. They are dealing with this situation finely. They are, signing many leasehold deals. They are keeping this idea and system alive. The government are also doing the same. They are supporting the people well. They are also making strong moves to deal with it. In no time, this issue won’t be no more in the world.

We need to be careful as much as we can. We can't allow them to fool us without reading the contract paper. If we need to sign any deal, we must read the lease.